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Coaches adapt to limits on their ability to call timeouts

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Coaches are still getting accustomed to a new NCAA rule that restricts them to calling timeouts only when the ball is dead. The new wrinkle has produced some interesting scenarios down the stretch of close games.

Whenever a ball is given to a player, it becomes live and only players have the power to call timeouts. Coaches have to wait until a basket is made or play stops. Coaches can signal for timeouts while the ball is live, but under the rule that took effect this year, referees will only award the timeout if a player acts on that request.

The rule change has led to criticism from some coaches who don't like having responsibilities taken away from them.

The AP Top 25 Poll

Poll Release: Feb 8
(###) Number of first place votes
RankteamRecordPointsPV Rank
1Villanova (32)21-31,5663
2Maryland (13)22-31,4994
3Oklahoma (7)20-31,4721
4Iowa (11)19-51,4715
6Kansas (1)20-41,3117
7Virginia (1)20-41,2239
8Michigan State20-51,14410
9North Carolina20-41,1362
10West Virginia19-51,08214
12Miami (FL)19-482617
14Iowa State17-778113
15Texas A&M18-66638
23Southern California18-522527


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Gopher News

Mbakwe: 'We've got some unfinished business'

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — After stumbling down the stretch in Big Ten play without injured star Trevor Mbakwe, Minnesota finally found its stride during the consolation portion of the season in the National Invitation Tournament.

The young Gophers gained bonus experience and extra confidence by reaching the NIT championship game, and right before that they got an even better prize — a sixth year of eligibility for Mbakwe from the NCAA.

Mbakwe and Minnesota made the formal announcement Monday: He'll keep his professional career on hold and return for a second senior season.