It's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it.
Nah, not really.
But 76-year-old CBS broadcaster Verne Lundquist did take one for the team when, while preparing for the Notre Dame-West Virginia game, a ball hit him in the face during warmups. The culprit was West Virginia's Teyvon Meyers, whose shot bounded toward Lundquist's broadcast position.
"Ooh, that hurts on replay," Lundquist said during the broadcast when the accident was shown to viewers.
"That's one we didn't expect, some incoming just then," his partner Jim Spanarkel said.
"It's a tougher sport than I thought," Lundquist added.
Meyers came over to the table to retrieve the ball and shook hands with both.
"That was Teyvon Meyers, number zero at the time. I got him back," Lundquist said. "I went out and tore his jersey so now he's number 22. You've got to come tough and ready in these games."