One more day.
That's been Little Rock coach Chris Beard's motto since he was a kid.
A day after his 12th-seeded Trojans upset Purdue, he told a story about growing up in Irving, Texas.
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"I played basketball all the time, it was my life," he said Friday. "As a kid I always remember wanting to play one more game. The rec center would close at 10. But sometimes the lady at the front desk, she would let us stay: 'Hey, guys, play one more game because I got to clean up the rec room.' That was the best news in he world, we got to play one more game."
From the gym to the park, that didn't change.
"At Conflans Park, we could only play till it got dark. The first one of us to turn 16, we learned to pull our car up there and put the lights on the court so we could play one more game. Eventually the cops would come and tell us we had to leave," Beard said. "But it's the whole idea of one more game.
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"That's why today is special, one more press conference, one more practice. Tomorrow we get to play again. Our objective is to win tomorrow so we can have one more day after that."
The Trojans (30-4) will try to upset fourth-seeded Iowa State (22-11) on Saturday in Denver.