North Carolina freshman Shea Rush hasn't seen a ton of oncourt action for the No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament's South Region. So for now, the reserve is helping the Tar Heels sport a stylish new look for March.

Rush created homemade fedora-style hats for his teammates and coaches, a skill he learned as a high schooler.

Take a look:



"In high school, I saw guys in the NBA and NFL wearing hats in press conferences," Rush said Thursday before the team's practice in Greenville, South Carolina. "Those hats are pretty expensive so I figured: why not make my own?

"So I just started making them. I ordered materials, kind of saw a couple of ways how to do it online and went for it."

Rush said it typically takes about a week for him to make a hat, so he took orders from teammates for their style choices.





Rush said he orders fur from Michigan. Here's the largely self-taught process he takes to make the hat.



His teammates sounded impressed.

"All we really did was pick out the design of how like he would mold the hat and the color," junior Theo Pinson said. "And he did everything else. Everything on the hat was his idea. I mean, the dude has a gift."

Here's a bit more from Rush, including on the need for confidence when sporting a hat.