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Get in those humble brags about your perfect bracket while you can.


Even with a chalk-heavy opening 28 hours of the NCAA Tournament, the quest to get all the way to the Final Four with all of your picks pristine is picking up casualties by the thousands.

NCAA.com says that 99.5 percent of the brackets at the major sites have at least one blemish on them. The percentage is even lower at espn.com, which has just 0.2 percent of its brackets still alive for the ever elusive quest for a one in a billion (or more depending on what kind of math you’re into) of going 63 for 63 through the national championship.


All of that carnage despite the higher-seeded teams going 18-2 during the first 20 games of the tournament.

Maybe we’ve just been too spoiled over the years by the Georgia State’s and the FGCU’s of the college hoops world. It’s the siren’s song of the Cinderella. Who considers themselves a genius for picking chalk?


It’s that time you took a 14 over a 3 that you remember, right? It's on you UC-Davis!