(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
Now that Gonzaga has arrived at the Final Four, it's time to finally get that pronunciation.
It's Gone-ZAG-uh, according to Gonzaga University's Fact & Figures page on the school website.
Not Gun-zaw-guh, Gone-zaw-guh or any other way you might want to pronounce it.
If this helps, they are the Zags, not the Zawgs.
The mispronunciations make people in Spokane cringe, so Spokesman-Review editor Rob Curley created this tongue-in-cheek video to straighten everyone out. 
He also helps with pronouncing Spokane (Spo-CAN, not Spo-CAIN) and Zags' big man Przemek Karnowski (SHIM-ick). Check it out.