For all the attention the Monmouth bench received this season for their unique celebrations, Hawaii's bench crew _ the Hawaiii50 _ would like to make its claim as having the best bench celebrations.

Even if most of the country was asleep during the regular season when the 13th-seeded Warriors were celebrating their victories.

“We have our own attention back home,” Hawaii’s Zach Buscher said on Saturday. “We’ve got good fans who love it and TV programs back there give us a lot of love. Nothing to be mad about. We’re just having fun on the bench.”

(AP Photo/Young Kwak)

The “Hawaiii5O” became the name created by the Warriors bench mob, whose celebrations this season have included everything from surfing on a wave, to launching grenades, to fishing in the waters around Oahu.

But now with the Warriors on the biggest stage, about to face No. 5 seed Maryland in the second round of the South Regional on Sunday, they’re being told to tone it down a bit. The crew said they were given multiple bench warnings by officials during Friday’s first-round upset of fourth-seeded California.

“We got a warning like one minute into the game,” Dyrbe Enos said.

While the antics of bench players can become a distraction and irritant for a head coach, that’s not the way Hawaii’s Eran Ganot views what's been created. He appreciates how the enjoyment his bench players show for Hawaii's success has seeped through the roster and created a bond with those who are on the floor the majority of the game.

“It's created great passion from every single guy in the program,” Ganot said. “There's a genuine investment from every single member of our team, and in a way that doesn't respect the game or our opponents. If it did, obviously, we would put a stop to it. But very pleased with their genuine respect for each and appreciation and support for each other."