Chris Mack gave his Final Four tickets away.
His plans for Saturday? Still undecided. 
The Xavier coach is in Phoenix this week, but not exactly playing the role he hoped for. 
Six days after a loss to Gonzaga in the Elite Eight, Mack is downtown _ far from the Final Four stadium _ to attend meetings at the annual college coaches' convention. 
"You get blitzed the way we did, and it's not as hard to get over it," said Mack, whose team fell 83-59. "It was disappointing that we didn't play our best game. But I was really proud of our group, to be as resilient as we were and play our best ball at the end."
Xavier lost six games in the middle of the season, but rebounded to be one of the last eight teams standing. 
Wisconsin came close, too. The Badgers lost to Florida in overtime in the Sweet 16 after Gators guard Chris Chiozza hit a running 3-pointer at the buzzer _ a shot that was almost exactly the same as the one Zak Showalter made for the Badgers to send the game into OT.
"Neither one practiced that shot," Wisconsin coach Greg Gard said. "I'm pretty sure that shot's never been practiced by anyone."
Like Mack, Gard moved quickly into reflection mode after the loss. 
"You've got to learn from it," he said. "More than the 4 seconds, there were so many things over the first 44 minutes, 56 seconds that we did well. You look at it as a whole picture. You try to learn from every piece of it."
Kansas coach Bill Self, who sits on the board of directors of the coaches' group, couldn't have missed this week. He was voted into the Naismith Hall of Fame this weekend. But he said he wouldn't have missed it, either -- not even in the aftermath of a loss to Oregon in the Elite Eight after the Jayhawks were big favorites.
"Even though I don't think any coach wants to be here after you got beat, the reality is, it's probably good medicine for us all," Self said.