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John Calipari says every Kentucky player eligible to declare will submit their names for this year's NBA draft.

Notre Dame coach Mike Brey says that's fine with him.

"Putting his whole team in? Well, he's not getting any pub here lately, because he's not playing," said Brey, as he prepares the Irish for Friday's game against Wisconsin. "So he's doing anything to stay out there. They guy's a master. He's a master."

Under new NCAA rules, players declaring for the draft can return to school if they don't sign with an agent. They have up to 10 days after the pre-draft combine to withdraw from consideration and can try out with an NBA team.

"It's great for the young people. I don't want to hear about, it's tough on coaches," Brey said. "One of my assistants started whining about it. I almost fired him last night. I said: `Shut up. I think it will save some bad decisions that we've had that a kid can go, get the information and still have time to digest it."'

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Indiana coach Tom Crean, whose Hoosiers sent Kentucky packing last week, said the new rules could benefit players, if their best interests are considered.

"There's still very little real, honest, truthful, unfiltered, non-agenda-driven feedback," he said. "And the whole key is to get that feedback, because so many mistakes are made because people get into the other part of it. And there's so many opinions and voices and everybody's got an idea on it but there's very, very few decision makers. I do love the new rules. And hopefully they're here to stay. And we'll see how it goes."