The computer called it!

The program designed by a University of Illinois computer scientist to pick the biggest March Madness upsets had Buffalo beating Arizona. Was there ever a doubt? The 13th-seeded Bulls rolled the Wildcats 89-68 on Thursday for the biggest upset of the first day. 

For the record, the computer also picked Wright State to beat Tennessee, which didn't come close to happening. But 1 for 2 actually brings the program's hit rate up a bit -- to 12 of 28, or 42.8 percent of the games it has chosen since 2003. 

That's better than twice as good as fans would do by picking 13, 14 and 15 seeds at random. 

Here's a look, from earlier this week, on the science behind the madness: 

The computer got it right!

— Eddie Pells(@epells) March 16, 2018