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AP All-Time Top 100

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It all started in 1949 with Saint Louis atop of The Associated Press college basketball poll. More than 1,100 polls and 68 years later, a total of 200 schools have been ranked, 59 at No. 1.

There have been plenty of changes over the years to how teams are ranked, as well as broader changes to hoops itself as the game evolved from an older style to the amazing performances of today's players, showcased through the flashy made-for-TV drama of the NCAA Tournament.

Like the weekly AP Top 25, this all-time Top 100 gives you, the fan, another arrow in your quiver to talk about where your team fits in the pecking order of college hoops.

But beyond that, the polls mirror the rich history of the sport itself, showing how those who watch the sport most closely credit each team for its accomplishments.



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