ESPN has had a little talk with Dan Dakich, and the analyst has reached out to Tom Izzo after the Michigan State coach lashed out at him.

Dakich, whose son plays basketball at Michigan, posted this reply on his Twitter account after the Wolverines beat Michigan State last week: "Sparty not only whines but now just dumb!! Couldn't get into UM??"

That inspired Michigan State students to chant, "We hate Dak-ich! We hate Dak-ich!" while Ohio State shot free throws during the Spartans' win Tuesday night. When Izzo found out after the game why the students were jeering Dakich, he got angry.

Izzo said what Dakich tweeted was "unprofessional," adding it is a "disappointment," and "ridiculous," that he broadcast games involving his son's team.

"I have no respect for him for that and I am going to publicly say that," Izzo said Tuesday night.

A little later, Dakich deleted the tweet.

ESPN's public relations issued a statement saying the situation had been discussed with Dakich on Wednesday and passed along his post on Twitter: "Always had unreal respect for Coach Izzo MSU hoops+its fans! Reached out to Tom this AM to clear the air..Look forward 2 that conversation."

Izzo told The Associated Press on Wednesday morning he did not plan to publicly address his issues with Dakich again after saying plenty Tuesday night.

Dakich is scheduled to be ESPN's analyst when the Spartans play No. 16 Purdue on the road Saturday.