Incredibly, Michigan State's final stats from Sunday's 55-53 loss to Syracuse could have been even worse.

The final missed shot by Cassius Winston from around midcourt wasn't included as a field goal attempt in the official statistics. There's a little-known item in the NCAA statisticians' manual that says "desperation" shots don't have to count as official misses:

"A FGA is not charged if an unsuccessful shot is taken near the expiration of time for a period or for the shot clock, and it is the statistician’s opinion that the shot was a desperation shot and not a reasonable attempt to make a field goal."

So Winston's miss _ which appeared to beat the buzzer _ isn't reflected in the box score. Michigan State still went 17 of 66 from the field and 8 of 37 from 3-point range.

A similar situation unfolded in the game before Michigan State-Syracuse. A halfcourt shot by Butler's Kamar Baldwin hit the rim at the end of a 76-73 loss to Purdue, and that one wasn't included in the official play-by-play either.

Baldwin's shot may have come too late anyway. It surely would have been reviewed if it had gone in.