Kansas State coach Bruce Weber has made the walk of pain. 

Past the bus with the Loyola-Chicago logo painted on it. Past the Loyola-Chicago team hotel. Past the picture of the bracket with the words ``Loyola-Chicago'' painted into the Final Four slot. 

All those buses and buildings and logos could be highlighed in purple this week with the words ``Kansas State'' on them if things had turned out differently last weekend. But the Wildcats coach has dealt with the loss in the Elite Eight and is trying to move on. 

He's in San Antonio this week for meetings and conventions, but he's also using the time to shape anoither lesson for his players. 

``I already took pictures of all that Loyola-Chicago stuff and I'm going to send it to the players,'' Weber said. ``It's not to rub it in. It's more as a motivation thing for next year.''

Though the Elite Eight is a painful place to have a season end, Weber takes the long view on this one.

``We went futher than a lot of people,'' he said. ``We were picked eighth in our league and we finished in the Elite Eight. So, that's a positive thing.''