Katy Perry performs in concert in Philadelphia on Oct. 12. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

The benefit of having the Southeastern Conference hold its tipoff in Nashville is Vanderbilt women's coach Stephanie White got to take in a concert before the women's turn before the media.

And she had great seats in the pit.

"It's awesome for us because we love music,'' White said Thursday. "Our boys, in fact I have an Instagram video I probably should've posted with my oldest son when he was 3 singing 'Roar.' And so we're a music family. To be able to do that was awesome last night. It was so much fun. And fortunately it coincided with us being in town so that was good.''



At one point, White thinks a malfunction caused Perry to walk down to where the Vanderbilt coach and her wife, Michelle, were watching. And yes, Perry sang right to them. 

"Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good,'' White said. 



What??? @katyperry

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Not that White can remember what song Perry sang in the close-up performance. 

"I was in such shock that she was standing there I don't even remember,'' White said.   

Before meeting with reporters, White also noticed that "American Idol" was having auditions at the same hotel where the SEC Tipoff is being held. She joked about auditoning.

"I sing. It's not very good,'' White said.