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The AP Top 25 Poll

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Elton Alexander

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

As Voted by Elton Alexander

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
(###) Number of first place votes
RankTeamRecordPointsPV Rank
1Michigan (1)10-01,3985
3Gonzaga (1)9-11,4121
4Duke (4)9-11,4543
5Virginia (1)9-01,3844
6Kansas (57)8-01,5832
7Tennessee (1)7-11,4217
8Michigan State8-21,06610
11Florida State8-199111
12North Carolina7-289014
13Virginia Tech8-183315
14Texas Tech8-091413
17Ohio State8-162119
19Mississippi State8-144122
21Kansas State6-211816
24St. John's9-057-
25Arizona State7-135120

Poll Methodology

The top 25 teams in The Associated Press' college basketball poll, with first-place votes noted in parentheses, are determined by a points system. A team receives 25 points for a first-place vote, 24 points for a second-place vote and so on through one point for a 25th-place vote and previous ranking.

History of the Poll

The Associated Press college basketball poll started on Jan. 20, 1949. The original poll had 20 teams, with Saint Louis the first school to hold the No. 1 ranking. From the 1961-62 season through 1967-68 only 10 teams were ranked. It expanded again to 20 teams from 1968-69 through 1988-89. The Top 25 began the next season, and it has stayed at that number ever since. The AP's final poll is released after the field for the NCAA Tournament is selected.